Shadegg roundup

  • Helps unveil conservative no-cost stimulus bill: says “We are outsourcing energy production in this nation to a scale 10 times as great as any of the outsourcing of American jobs. [CNS News]
  • On Democrats spending bill: Once you seek your earmarks, youre obligated to vote for the whole package. I think those kind of reforms are critical and I hope they make them. [NBC News]
  • Told Sean Hannity: The reality is we are giving jobs to oil fieldworkers and natural gas fieldworkers in Russia and Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, when we should be putting those people to work here in the United States. [RGE Monitor]
  • Reportedly said that the Employee Free Choice Act is endorsed and supported by the Communist Party USA [OpEd News]
  • On the omission of market-based reformers from a White House healthcare summit: I suspect that that cant be an accidentI suspect that they dont want those views expressed. [American Spectator]
  • Joins colleagues in supporting Patriot Act extension. [The Hill]
  • On the state of the party: Within a decade the Republicans, with the help of the president, became everything they had run against, only worse, and were soundly booted out of office in 2006. [AzStarNet]

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