Grijalva roundup

  • Says Joe Arpaios hearing is saying to the country and the people of Arizona that no one is above the law. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • We carry the burden of being stuck with this man but it is not an Arizona problem, this is a national disgrace…It can’t be tolerated. [Talk Radio News]
  • Co-introduces the FLAME Act, designed to help federal agencies address the escalating cost of suppressing wildfires. [Common Dreams]
  • Co-writes editorial in Yuma Sun: We need to repower America by shifting to 100 percent homegrown clean electricity [Yuma Sun]
  • Wants new policies against human smuggling. [Tucson Citizen]
  • Says the new administration is showing a major change in attitude toward the states parks and monuments. We will have our differences, but those differences can be compromised and reconciled. It’s far different from having to be fighting an administration every step of the way. [Public News Service]
  • On climate change hearings: I feel strongly that while our public lands are threatened by climate change, they are also critical in finding solutions to combat climate change. [Federal Times]
  • Co-sponsored a bill to recognize six Native American tribes in Virginia who were classified only as colored by law. [American Chronicle]
  • Is helping Yuma get nearly $2 million for mass transit projects. [Yuma Sun]

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