Trent Franks roundup

  • Franks co-introduces bill to extend Patriot Act provisions (roving wiretaps, library patron info) for 10 years. [The Hill]
  • Calls Arpaio investigation just another witch hunt by the liberals on the House Judiciary Committee. [AzCentral]
  • On Obamas recent lifting of embyonic stem cell restrictions: The decision is grounded purely in partisan politics, since all the remarkable advances in stem cell research have used methods that did not require the destruction of human embryos []
  • On the link between Mexican drug cartels and Middle East terrorism: When you have…gangs and they have loose ties with al Qaeda and then you have Iran not too far away from building a nuclear capability, nuclear terrorism may not be far off. [The Hill]
  • On Homes Act: The mortgage cram-down proposal punishes the 90% of American homeowners who made the choice to live within their means, and would offer a get-out-of-jail-free card even to those who used fraudulent information to obtain their mortgages in the first place. []

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