Shadegg wants to ease restrictions on visas for nurses


A resolution has been introduced in the US House of Representative, which calls for creation of a special non-immigrant visa category for registered nurses.

The legislation, if passed, would facilitate much easier and faster availability of nursing visas to registered and practicing nurses from countries like India, China and Philippines. The US is currently facing a massive shortage of nurses.

Called the Nursing Relief Act of 2009 the legislation proposes to make provisions for the new category of visas for registered nurses with an annual limit of 50,000.

The resolution introduced by Congressman John Shadegg has been referred to House Committee on Judiciary. It is co-sponsored by Congressmen Jeff Flake and Ed Pastor.

Introduced at a time when the American economy is facing deep recession and nearly 3.6 million jobs have been lost in the last 14 month, Congressional observers are skeptical that such a bill can survive the legislative process.

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